Our Services

Town planning applications

We specialise in preparing all the drawing documentation required to submit to council for a Planning Permit. We help reduce and eliminate the frustration of dealing with planning issues by coordinating the entire Town Planning process from the initial contact with you through to obtaining a Planning Permit. We obtain quotes on your behalf, liaise with the required professionals and negotiate with council to achieve the best possible outcome for your proposed development.

Building permit applications

Beyond Design Group specialises in preparing all the drawing documentation required to submit to a building surveyor for a building permit. Where required we can also coordinate the building application process on behalf of you or your builder. We obtain quotes on your behalf and liaise with the required professionals for the building application.

Concept design sketches

The concept design sketch service gives clients a visual idea of what design outcomes can be achieved. This service can be crucial to ensure we achieve a design outcome that both responds to planning and building regulations while meeting your design expectations. These sketches can be prepared in days and save money for the client as they do not involve the complete documentation of a town planning permit.

Property Developement

Do you want to be a property developer? Taking the big step from property investor to becoming a property developer can be overwhelming, but it can be financially rewarding when you have a design that maximises the potential of your development site. Beyond Design Group can assist you with finding a development site, designing the development and organising the required permits. We can also help you with builders, construction finance, selling agents and insurance brokers. Speak to our team today about what you are wanting to achieve.